Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Had A Sad Day Yesterday

Yesterday was the worst day in my life...Our German Shepard Maya got into my bottle of Advil last Monday...She loves to take things and chew on them...She was laying on our bed while I was taken a shower...When I got out of the shower, I heard her playing with something downstairs and I just thought it was her bone...To my surprise, she had taken the bottle of Advil off of my night stand and was playing with it...She had the bottle all chewed up and I didn't think she had taken any, since she had the opening shut tight...I called my husband and he said she should be fine, since I didn't think she took that many...But later in the afternoon, I notice that she wasn't herself...I called the vet and was told to bring her in right away...They pumped her stomach and gave us some meds for her to take...She would only take the meds for the first 2 days and then she stopped eating...Maya had some good days and we thought that she was alright...We brought her back to the vets for a blood test to make sure everything was okay...The Vet told us it would take an hour, so we went home to wait for their call....It was a call that I dreaded....The Vet said her reading were really high and that they could pump some fluids in her, but she would also need an operation for the damage in her stomach....The Vet told my husband that after they did all of this, that it wasn't a 100% chance that she would be okay, and suggested that we put her down...So my hubby and I went back to the vet to say our good byes to her...It broke my heart to leave her there....Maya was only 18 months old and we will truly miss her....


  1. Oh how sad!! My heart breaks for you all. Praying for healing...it is tough losing a family member. HUGS

  2. Oh so sorry Lyn! I can totally relate to you and know how you are feeling right now! A BIG hug to you!!