Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mousescrappers Speed Scrap Marathon!

It's that time of year again!! Time for the Mousescrappers Speed Scrap Marathon!
3 days... 16 speed scraps... tons of amazing prizes!!

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You will have 4 hours AFTER all the instructions are given to win our kit! So 3pm EST!

Complete the 1/2 marathon (8 of the 16 scraps) by Monday at noon and recieve a special 1/2 marathon prize package! Complete them all... and get a FULL marathon prize package as well!! Both prize packages are packed with goodies from many different amazing designers!

Can't make them all? Every scrap has its own participation prize as well! You need to post in the hosts allotted time to win their prize... but you can complete the scrap ANYTIME over the weekend to be eligible for the half and full marathon prizes!!

We have a special coupon for our SNP store if you have the need for supplies... and we will be randomly handing out KEY CASH for use at our SNP store to scrappers that we notice are using our kits during the marathon!!

Here are some layout that I made using "My Girl"


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